Case Studies


These case studies are true expereince of our network associates and our talented team during the course of various verifications to reveal facts.


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Competitive Intelligence:

One of our clients had a suspect about one of its competitors using a duplicate material of products that our client was manufacturing, but he could not blame until he had sufficient clues and evidence. Our team organized an undercover agent within the company of the competitor who slowly took in confidence all such workers who knew about the duplicate product being manufactured. Taking all evidence and clicking all places of warehousing of duplicate products our undercover agent resigned from the services of competitor’s factory. Our client took all the evidence to the concerned Government department for further enquiries and legal actions.

Post – Employment Verification:

Our corporate clients take our services to investigate the credentials of candidates who had applied for various jobs. Our Team investigates the original documents with the copies provided by the candidate, evaluate and cross check the dates and years mentioned in the resume. Address verification, previous employer’s feedback and reason of leaving are also covered under this task. A candidate applied in an MNC with fake documents and appointment letters of previous employer’s was arrested by local police when informed by us with the factual report

Post – Matrimonial:

Mr. Sanyal was married 15 years ago and trusted his wife completely until he was informed by a well-wisher that Mrs. Sanyal is in close company with a married person. Mr Sanyal also revealed some strange changes in his wife’s attitude which he used to forego. He contacted us and on investigating the facts, it was revealed that Mrs. Sanyal was having an affair with her college friend and was too intimate and serious since he came back a couple of months ago from abroad. We provided sufficient proof to support this act of Mrs. Sanyal after which she was shameful and regretted her mistake to save her married life.

Corporate Intelligence:

An existing client rang us requesting a meeting due to the fact that he suspected that his business associate was using their facilities to start his own business. Our team investigated this individual, shadowed him, noted his activities and clicked persons whom he met. He met all suppliers of our client and was into final stages of agreement on lower prices than that of our client. His recordings were produced for our client who challenged him and forced his partner to resign and further led him to prosecution. Our team were able to obtain information from the client’s computer and telephone system, thus providing details of called numbers and also emails proving that the target was indeed going into competition with his, at that time, business partner.


Insurance Claim Verification:

An NRI person met an accident in India on his business visit and was hospitalized and operated for the injury in a well known Indian hospital chain. He flew back to his country and filed the Insurance claim to his company. The company approached us and wanted to investigate the actual expenses incurred and the indoor stay of their customer. On investigating the documents filed with the Insurance Company, it was revealed that all bills were raised by 25% of actual cost. The information was given to the insurance company and legal due to the hospital and customer was served.

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